Groom & Bridal Suits

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Groom & Bridal Suits

THE Day when both grooms and brides look their ultimate best in their lifetime, is when it calls for a full suite of outfit styling to make it as memorable as possible. And it usually takes a mountain load of effort to prepare for that once-in-a-lifetime grand march-in.

From pre-wedding shoot to actual day, we’ve walked couples through the months to get their outfits right for those beautiful pictures and videos to keep for life.

A tuxedo or full set of classy suit for the groom-to-be are must-haves as the man of the day.

While for the bride-to-be, apart from the most grandiose of wedding gowns, you now have another gorgeous option to look sharp and elegant on the day. Not only grooms get to keep their set of suit, even you can do so now with a beautiful piece of pant suit made for you!


On top of that, along the way of working with couples, we also realized the stresses and frustrations while planning for a thousand and one items for the wedding, hence we’ve also partnered with some trusted friends to take away the stress of sourcing for all help needed for the big day.


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