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"I felt the benefits from the confidence of wearing something that suits me"

Thank you Style Smith! Good suggestions on fabric, design etc based on my needs. Appreciate much much! I went for white sleeveless long vest instead of power suit. It adds a lot to my professional look for my workshops. Very quickly I felt the benefits from the confidence of wearing something that suits me, made for me. I'm now looking forward to my 2nd vest, smart casual! I always have difficulty getting pants that compliments me. Now it's for me, I get to have cutting that not just fit, but also with slimming effect!

-Lee Huifang


"Friendly & Helpful"

Great experience from Style Smith. I did not know what kind of suit is suitable for me initially but Style Smith recommended the right style. The team is also very friendly and helpful in the whole process.

-Thaddeus Heng


"Excellent Service & Reliable Team!"

They understand every detail of the style that I want & accommodate to all my needs even when I needed further adjustments. Manage to get a great looking suit, thanks to them. Looks like I found a personal tailor, such a pleasant customer experience, will definitely go to them again for my next suit!

-Trevor Lim


"Love the Suit!"

Style Smith guided me through the whole selection phase by giving me their professional advice on every step and suggested what suits me best according to my preference of style. Not to forget... it fits me perfectly!

-Chee Zi Loon


"Great Overall Experience"

A big thank you to Style Smith for the suit. Love the colour of my suit! They were patient & professional in helping me to choose the style, cut, type of fabric etc. During the fitting session, they took the time to re-take my measurements, as I had put on some weight. Definitely recommend Style Smith to anyone who is keen to tailor beautiful and professional looking suits! 😃

-Joy Hou


"Professional Service"

I would like to praise Style Smith for their professional service in advising me on my tailored jacket. The advice was valuable and I learnt so much. Needless to say, the jacket fits and friends also commended on my stylish looking jacket!!! I want to make another one!!

-Kevin Phun