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Tailoring With Us

Before the Consultation

  • It is recommended to have something you want in mind.
  • Save at least 2-3 styles of your preferred outfit on your phone.
  • If you are unsure about a particular style’s suitability or totally clueless how to approach the style you want, we’ll discuss a little further during the consultation.
  • Prepare to bring along a set of outfit with your favourite fit.

During the Consultation

  • We will understand more about YOU first. This would help us find the most preferred/suitable style for you.
  • You will also get to look at and feel a wide range of fabrics for your unique style.
  • We will also share with you the timelines, pricing, etc based on your selection and customization required.
  • Upon confirmation of the final design selection, body measurements will be taken.

After the Consultation

  • Payment must be made before we get started on the work required for your unique piece.
  • We will arrange a time for fitting with you (subject to availability of time on both parties).